At first you have to pour lead into the tip ribs. I took more than needed, so the elevator is overbalanced, but the final paint will be mostly behind the turning point, so better drill some out than pour some in.

I took a bold with a big washer to secure the lead from getting loose. If those 400 grams come loose and block the rudder, it will make your day. (Or make it your last day?)

Oops, a little too much, so I had to file it off, but... need to do any filling after this, no bondo here.

I glued in some washers to avoid cracks from those pop-rivets. I don't know if you have to do this, but it would be a pity if it happens.

I riveted and glued with epoxy resin at once. You can jig it and there will be no waves on the surface. Esp. the main skin is very thin and you have to rivet close to the edge. And as another effect, there is no gap between skin and fiberglass after sanding.

Clamp it and turn off the light!

The rudder foot was a little tricky, because you have to decide where to cut it. It will not fit over the angle if you only slot it. The plans say not much about it, so I decided to cut of the leading edge. Now you can slide it onto the rudder and there is no gap at the angle, but, of course, a big gap at the leading edge... I fabricated a little piece of aluminum,

rolled the edge slightly with a slotted grip of a file,

...and this is how it looks.

After riveting it looks like a piece of the rudder-skin. It is attached to the rudder main spar with two AN rivets on each side, there is some place to do that.

The result. I sprayed all of the fiberglass to have a better view for a smooth surface, you can detect it better this way.

I have installed a little Wheelen strobe as an ACL on top of the vertical stabilizer, it is small, lightweight and effective. Cut a hole into the fiberglass, wax the glass of the ACL and laminate it into the fairing from the inside. The glass is shaped to the outside on its foot, so you will have a stop and it will not jump out. If you have waxed enough, you can push the glass back to the inside the next day. Now, wax again, reinsert it, do a weird construction with waxed anything and fill in Epoxy, mixed with microbaloons for weight-saving.

If the wax works, I should be able to push the glass out tomorrow.....should be.....wait and see :o(

Waiting for tomorrow.

Strike! OK, the shape needs some work ;o)

Step by step....

The result. The first "Spirit of Gera"-touch, grin..

READYREADYREADY! If I subtract holidays and Christmas, I'm looking back on 6 months of work, some sleepless nights, one major mistake with the E405's, a lot of people I met, friendships we made and more than 400, maybe 500 hours of work. The RV-family is a great supporter, thank you, it is a lot of fun on the way.

Give me wings!!!!!!!