Drilling the stiffners to the rudder-skin.

Cleco as you go ;o)

Real and future aircraft material.

One rib is already rivited, the other row is loaded with rivets and taped on the opposite side. Now it goes under the C-frame, the rib is placed on the rivets an then you take the hammer and strike.

The result. Smooth as silk. OK, that's not true, but it looks nice.

Riveting of the stiffner-plates and nuts to the spar.


First fit. It aligns!!

I'm trying to locate the positions of the cut-outs for the rod-end-bearings.

...and cut them out.

....Bio-hazard, again.

The final bent of the skin is done when all stiffners are in place (because you could not reach a single rivet afterwards)

I fabricated a special die to squeeze these rivets through the lightning-hole. the manual calls for Pop-rivets, but I don't like them.

It worked!

Well-known picture by now.

I made the leading-edge bend with a broomstick, but this was one of the few things I hated. It came out quite good, but inbetween I was sure to destroy my rudder.