At first the big picture (only for german customers, the rest of the EC has to search for local sources)
German Zoll

How does it work??

At first you need a Zollnummer/custom-number. The name differs from country to country, but the handling is basicly the same all over Europe. Here in Germany you get it from the Oberfinanzdirektion in Karlsruhe. For that, you have to download the form, fill it out and send it to Karlsruhe. Everything that sounds like a profession or where someone might think that you earn money with importing those kits should be marked 'private'.The adress to witch the form should go is already on it. Calculate with a handling-time of 6 to 12 weeks ;o), so do it soon.

You put that custom-number into the following form that you hand over to your local custom bureau. They will hopefully give you the


(untranslatable german bureaucratic nonsense, but it means to avoid paying customs when importing parts for your aircraft.)


The custom-number can be omitted if you type in the date you ordered one.

This form should help you filling out the form. Should....:


The Bewilligungsnumber and the custom-number must be part of any shipper's letter of every delivery you get, but it lasts the whole project, no need to get another one for the wing kit.

They want the original every time, so keep an eye on it!

For every item you have to pay import-customs of 16% here in Germany, anyway. (Not only for the worth of the parts, also for shipping and handling, don't ask why.) So, a low price on the receipt will pay here.

That's the deal:
(Price from Van's + Shipping) + 16% EUST = Your price.

Without the mentioned paperwork it looks like this:
(((Price fromVan's + Shipping) + 7,5% Customs) + 3% additional EUST) +16% EUST = Your price

So, it's worth it.

The empenage is shipped by air, the rest of the kit by sea, whitch is a lot cheaper, but really slow.

If you want to know the weights and sizes of the boxes, load this:


If you are a US visitor, lean back, smile and order. (And think of the european builders and their struggle with formalities while ordering, haha)