The first flight in March 2007

My first flight, ten days later. On Final 27

C'mon, stop flying now....

Foto-flight with an RV9A.

The first cross country flight took us to the former rocket testsite of Peenemuende. Here, Wernher von Braun and his Team started the world's first rocket that reached orbit in early October 1942. Most other rockets developed here had been London-bound, but that's another story....

Back from the paintshop.

Together with the famous Messerschmitt BF108.

Andrea, ready to give it a try.

Hugging DonDon ;o)

Over the North Sea, homebound from island-hopping.

Just Plane Fun:-)

Farewell-visit at the Tempelhof Airport, Berlin, mother of airports and backbone of the Berlin airlift. Will close soon for some assholes interests...

And beware of cheap promises by your local travel-agency................

I read about an RV4-Rent in California. The price seemed to be unbeatable, some money was organized and the contract was made. December 2002 was the target and I was really nervous. We were heading to the airport to get our RV4 and to enter California's blue sky, but, I tell you, buddy, we did'nt get that damned thing off the ground.
Maybe too much baggage.....?!? Only a short hop at the railroad-crossing.