So here we are with a pair of wings, the tailfeathers and a big plywood box full of sheet metal and stringers, nuts, bolts and pieces.

Navigate through the several steps of building the fuselage. After all, I can say that there are two major difficulties: Keeping everything straight and level and fitting the canopy, but building the fuselage had been a lot of fun.

Mayor drawbacks: The engine mount was welded together out of shape (one of those donuts taking the shockmounts was 20 deg out of direction). When I dicovered that, the parts had left the factory 15 years ago.....and guess what? Van gave me a 50% rebate for a new engine mount and landing gear! It's an unbelieveable factory, I've never been in business with someone like that. This is a part of the company's secret. Great product and even better support.

Thanks a lot!!!

Here you see the main longerons and the firewall jigged in place. A long way to go......



See you, Dirk