The whole project in pictures on Youtube:

                                                   >>>> To download it directly to your device, click here (31MB):   RV4 -the making of <<<<

POH of the RV-4 D-EEES (German only)

Pilot Operating Handbook D-EEES

A little tool (~500kB), that converts inches to Meters, miles to Kilometers and so on.


List of RV-Customers in Europe, Van's Aircraft 04/2002


The priming-system by PRC-DeSoto can be ordered directly from PRC Germany:

PRC-DeSoto Deutschland GmbH
Hein-Sass-Weg 29
D-21129 Hamburg Finkenwerder
Tel.: +49 (0)40 742 193 10
Fax.: + 49 (0)40 74213969

Customer support is done in a very helpful way by Ms Köster, Tel.: +49 (0)40 74219333.

You have to order 5 Liters or 1 1/4 quarts at least. The systems contains the chromate-etchprimer PR30B with the matching hardener TH34B (mix 1:1) for the first layer and the chromate-finishingprimer PR143 with the matching hardener ACT143 and thinner T17 (mix2:1:1). After that you are ready to go, no need to cover it at the inside structure. If AirbusIndustries does it like this, why worry? Handling is very easy, no matter what kind of spray-gun or airbrush you use.

The bad message is: If you buy 5 Liters of all that toxic stuff you will have 760 Euro less to loose at stocks. So not really a bad message...
To download the data-sheets click this: